I'm Cole, and I transform concepts into reality.


"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." - Steve Jobs

If you're looking for a designer who pumps out a brand overnight and talks to you like a customer service representative, you've come to the wrong place. The face of your business deserves the time, focus and patience for it to stand out. Quality isn't something that's simply sacrificed. I also don't talk to people like I'm fixing their computer from over the phone. I find that being personable greatly effects communication and the final outcome. So to summarize, if you need a straight talking Graphic Designer who won't cut corners; look no further.

Now for the part that no one reads. In the past I've worked for a government contract based creative services company in Falls Church VA. I currently work for an automotive marketing agency in Herndon VA. Outside of work, I'm a metal head at heart, guitar player, cat owner, hockey fan, and have an atrocioulsy strong love for craft beer. I also like using the word atrociously.

Things People Find Me Useful For

I work primarily with small businesses and non profits. I specialize in print design but have been known to get waist deep in HTML too.


I tend to avoid cattle and stick with creating professional identities.

Print Design

Is that trifold from Kinkos starting to look aged? I got you covered.


I build responsive websites to standard. Except Flash. I don't play in grave yards.

Proof That I'm Not Lazy

Strange Brew
Beer Friday
Team Velocity Marketing
Ted Britt Lincoln Post Card
Devil Horns Homebrew
Rallye Acura Print Ad

It's Not Rocket Science

Which works for me, I'm better at launching bottle rockets.

1. Initial Contact

Once we've established communication, we discuss the project and I start plotting goals.

2. Sketches

I start doodling. Hah, and my guidance couselor told me I'd go no where in life with doodling.


Life's all about choices, and designing creative solutions is no different. The more the better.

4. Beer Break

I think this one is self explanatory. Nonetheless, it's a very important step!

5. Production

Websites and brand identities don't build themselves! Someone has to get their hands dirty.

6. Final Product

Once you the client have approved it, I release your new bundle of joy into the world.

Ready When You Are

I have a theory. What if,...there was a creative professional out there who didn't charge small businesses freelance prices for agency quality work? What if a creative professional worked with the existing budget instead of working by a set price. That creative professional is me. Have you ever heard of a multi million dollar graphic designer? Yea, me neither. I get it, most small businesses simply don't have the budget for agency level work. I didn't come from wealth, which is another reason I understand this so well. People need to catch a break sometimes. So if you're a small business and like what you've seen, shoot me an email.


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